Volunteers donate over 700 hours for capercaillie

From advising the project as a member of the community working group, to making wooden capercaillie for local school children, marking fences and repairing paths; volunteers have already contributed hundreds of hours to the project to help capercaillie and people.

The Carrbridge Capercaillie Community Working Group was established to support the project in the village. Made up of residents all working in a voluntary capacity, the group meet monthly and are keen for more residents to join them.

Project Scotland volunteers have also been working with the project to gain experience in wildlife conservation. Aged 16 – 30, the volunteers have been working each Friday with the Carrbridge Capercaillie Community Ranger, Emma. During their 13 week placements their highlights have included capercaillie monitoring and mapping work to learning more about other endangered species. Spaces are now available on new placements beginning in late July.

Grantown based Men’s Sheds volunteers made a small population of wooden capercaillie for pupils from Carrbridge Primary School to paint and display around the school.

Corporate volunteers from GlaxoSmithKline alongside local residents have also donated a significant amount of time making the woodlands around Carrbridge ever safer for capercaillie by marking deer fences. Adult birds can otherwise collide with these fences. Practical volunteer sessions take place monthly. If you’re interested please get in touch.

Thank you to all the volunteers who’ve donated so much time already to help our endangered capercaillie and inspire others to get involved.

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