Project Board meeting notes

The Project Board are responsible for reviewing the project’s progress every three months and operate under a Memorandum of Agreement to ensure that all organisations represented have equal influence. 

The current Project Board membership is as follows:

  • Adam Smith (Independent)
  • Andy Ford (Head of Conservation, CNPA)
  • Carolyn Robertson (Project Manager, CNPA)
  • Claire Smith (Senior Conservation Officer, RSPB)
  • Debbie Greene (Operations Manager, NatureScot)
  • Doug McAdam (CNPA Board member)
  • Pete Mayhew (Director of Conservation and Visitor Experience, CNPA)
  • Priscilla Gordon-Duff (Independent)
  • Will Anderson (Chief Executive, Seafield and Strathspey Estates)

Meeting notes

21 January 2021

10 September 2020

15 July 2020

Meeting dates

13 April 2021

13 July 2021

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