Capercaillie, Tetrao urogallus, close-up of male in pine forest, Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

Long-term Survival Working Group

Changing the fortunes of any species on the brink of extinction from the Sumatran Tiger to the Giant Panda, is rarely straight forward. Capercaillie conservation is no different and to help with decision-making along the way specialist knowledge is required.

Within the Cairngorms Capercaillie Project this knowledge is provided by representatives from the following organisations, who together form the Long-term Survival Working Group; the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, Seafield Estate, Rothiemurchus Estate, SNH, Scottish Forestry, Forest and Land Scotland, the RSPB and the Cairngorms National Park Authority.

To date the group have been advising the project related to habitat creation and management, predator control and how to assess the genetic diversity of capercaillie in the Park, where the birds are at risk of inbreeding due to the size and spread of the population.

For more detail about the group’s work you can read their latest meeting notes below.

Long-term Survival Working Group meeting notes:

Friday 7 June

Thursday 12 September

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