Consultation on the Carrbridge Capercaillie Conservation Strategy

After many months of work, the Carrbridge Capercaillie Conservation Strategy has been published and is now out for community consultation until Friday 31 July.

Originally due to be published on 23 March and postponed initially until 30 June, due to the exceptional circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Carrbridge Capercaillie Group, responsible for developing the strategy, now feel it’s a more appropriate time to publish the strategy and begin the consultation.

In a letter to all residents in the Carrbridge community area, inviting people to share their views about the strategy, the group said:

“As a community we’re playing a pioneering role by developing the very first community-led capercaillie conservation strategy in Scotland. It’s been developed in response to the residents’ questionnaire distributed throughout the community in September 2019.

The questionnaire results, now available in full at, clearly established that the community of Carrbridge cares about capercaillie and is willing to take action.

The fact that we share our woods today with capercaillie is testament to past conservation projects, and all the hard work since. But capercaillie are still in a precarious state and still need our help. This is not unusual when dealing with a highly vulnerable species.

We hope that by developing this strategy, we can help to lead other
communities who also care about capercaillie conservation.”

As part of the consultation process residents in the Carrbridge community area have been invited to take part in virtual Q&A sessions, in addition to sharing their views either via post or online.

All the views shared through the consultation will be published on Monday 10 August. The Carrbridge Capercaillie Group will then use the information to update the strategy and continue to keep the community informed via Carrbridge Capercaillie News and this website.

To read the Carrbridge Capercaillie Conservation Strategy and the research behind it visit

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