Help stop capercaillie colliding with fences

If you have an unmarked fence, or a marked fence that needs repair on the land that you manage, we can help.

We’re working with landmanagers to remove and mark fences in capercaillie areas by providing funding and advisory support, so please get in touch.

Research shows that unmarked deer fences are a cause of mortality for woodland grouse and by marking them, collisions have been reduced by over 60%.

Funding is available through the Forest Grant Scheme for marking and removing fences within 1km of a lek. If the fence is over 1km from a lek, funding is available through our own grant scheme.

The fence map below includes records of over 850 fences, which have all been checked for accuracy with the respective landmanagers. If we’re missing fences on the land that you manage please let us know using the form below.

By keeping the map up to date, we can work more effectively to reduce fence collisions and mortalities.

Map of fences

Note: the map currently suggests there are more fences in Strathspey, but this may not be the case - at the moment we just have more data for Strathspey.

Tell us about a fence

If fences on the land that you manage are missing from the map, please let us know using the form below.

Frequently asked questions about the map