A stronghold and genetic lifeline for the capercaillie population in Strathspey.


Deeside is home to a highly vulnerable capercaillie population. Although low in number, the birds are a genetic lifeline to the larger Strathspey population. Work with communities in Deeside is therefore an essential part of securing a long-term future of capercaillie in the UK.

It's important to understand how communities in Deeside feel about capercaillie. Compared to Strathspey, the bird may be far less relevant to people's everyday lives.

The first step to enable community-led action in Deeside is therefore to identify the views and beliefs held by residents and visitors in the area, how widespread those views are and where the common ground is.


Balmoral Estate is working with the project to help facilitate community-led action in Deeside. Close to Ballater and Braemar, with links to Aberdeen and sited centrally between estates at both ends of the strath, Balmoral Estate has the capacity to support work at a considerable scale.

Working with the estate, a research brief to identify the views and beliefs held by residents and visitors in the area, will soon be developed and published on Public Contracts Scotland. The research will take place this summer and the findings will then be used to inform action in Deeside to help capercaillie.

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