A pioneering community. The first in the UK to create its own community-led action plan to help capercaillie.


In 2019, 247 Carrbridge residents completed a questionnaire to share their views about capercaillie conservation. The majority felt capercaillie should be protected for future generations and always be in Scotland. In response, the Carrbridge Capercaillie Conservation Strategy was created by the Carrbridge Capercaillie Group; a group of local volunteers.

All of the actions in the Strategy are based on the common views of residents identified by the questionnaire. You can read the results from the questionnaire here


The Carrbridge Capercaillie Conservation Strategy was published for consultation in 2020. Residents shared their views and based on those views, three Key Actions in the Strategy are currently being delivered as a priority. Those actions are outlined in the Action Plan here.

Download the Carrbridge Capercaillie Conservation Strategy here (PDF)

Events and activities

Over 40 events and activities have been held in Carrbridge, enabling hundreds of residents to share their views and get involved in helping to deliver the Carrbridge Capercaillie Conservation Strategy.  Once Covid-19 restrictions ease, new events and activities will be available.

Recently the Carrbridge Capercaillie Group have been consulting the community on path improvements, as outlined in the Strategy. To find out more, please click on the links below:

Consultation booklet

Consultation newsletter - summary of the results and next steps

Full consultation results

Frequently asked questions - about the path improvements consultation

Meeting notes

Notes from Carrbridge Capercaillie Group meetings.  The group are always open to new members. If you’d like to get involved please get in touch.

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