The community of Carrbridge is playing a pioneering role in the project by developing the UK's first community-led capercaillie conservation strategy.

As the first community in the National Park to create and deliver its very own community-led action plan to help capercaillie, the community of Carrbridge has been helping the project learn how to successfully enable communities to take the lead.  Using this learning the project will go on to collaborate with other communities in the National Park, whilst continuing to help Carrbridge achieve its vision for capercaillie.


Carrbridge Capercaillie Conservation Strategy

In September 2019, residents from the community of Carrbridge shared their views about capercaillie conservation via a questionnaire, developed by independent consultancy Bath & Associates.

The response rate to the questionnaire enabled a 95% confidence level in the results which revealed that the community was strongly in favour of capercaillie conservation.  Over 80% of respondents ‘strongly agreed’ or ‘agreed’ that ‘we should protect capercaillie for future generations’ and ‘ensure capercaillie will always be in Scotland’.  You can read the full the research report here.

In response, the Carrbridge Capercaillie Group, made up of local volunteers, developed the Carrbridge Capercaillie Conservation Strategy using the representative data from the questionnaire to ensure the strategy reflects the common ground in the community.  The strategy is not therefore about the voices of a few.  It is about a community’s voice.  And the community of Carrbridge wants to protect capercaillie.

Here is that strategy...

Published in June 2020, the community of Carrbridge were invited to share their views on the strategy to help shape it's development. You can read the results from the consultation here.


Carrbridge Capercaillie Group

The Carrbridge Capercaillie Group typically meets on a monthly basis. Made up of volunteers concerned about capercaillie, the group are always open to new members. You don't have to be a capercaillie expert, so if you’d like to get involved please get in touch

Alice Buttress, Anna Ronayne, Anne Gray, Becky Badger, Charlie Miller, Ewan Archer, Frank Law, Issie Inglis and Justin Prigmore are all currently members. The group maintains links with the Carrbridge Community Council, and meeting notes are published below and on noticeboards in the village.

Carrbridge Capercaillie Group meeting notes:


Carrbridge Capercaillie News

Delivered to every household in the community, and managed by the Carrbridge Capercaillie Group, Carrbridge Capercaillie News is designed to keep residents up to date.

Read Carrbridge Capercaillie News online:


Please note the March edition was published prior to the Covid-19 lockdown, so some details may have changed.

Carrbridge community
Carrbridge community

Listening to the community

To ensure all residents can share their views to influence capercaillie conservation around Carrbridge a wide range of events and activities have been held in the village, and there are more to come.

From events in the village hall, to drop-in sessions in the village cafes & pub, see below for a full list of all the activities that have been held so far ...



  • Carrbridge Capercaillie Group begin to draft the Carrbridge Capercaillie Conservation Strategy.


  • Presentation to the Carrbridge Tourism & Business Association.
  • CNPA CEO and Board members meet with Cllr Bill Lobban and a group of concerned Carrbridge residents.


  • 23 March - Consultation on the Carrbridge Capercaillie Conservation Strategy postponed due to Covid-19 lockdown. Open letter to residents setting out reasoning for the postponement.


  • 8 June - Postponed consultation on the Carrbridge Capercaillie Conservation Strategy begins.
  • Virtual Q&A session about the strategy available for residents.


  • Second virtual Q&A session about the strategy available for residents.
  • Virtual Q&A session about the wider project available for residents.
  • 31 July - consultation on the Carrbridge Capercaillie Conservation Strategy ends.


  • Open events in the Village Hall introducing the project to the community.
  • Online survey for residents.
  • Start of weekly drop-in ‘meet the Community Ranger’ sessions in the village cafes and pub.


  • Door to door ‘meet and greet’ to answer residents’ questions.
  • Open workshop in the Village Hall for residents interested in volunteering with the project.
  • Start of monthly volunteer work parties around the village.
  • Activity sessions with Carrbridge Primary School.


  • Carrbridge Capercaillie Newsletters launched, delivered to all households in the village.


  • Twice weekly guided nature walks in the village for residents and visitors.
  • Information stall at Carve Carrbridge.
  • Carrbridge Capercaillie Group commission Bath & Associates to gather the community's views about capercaillie conservation.


  • Bath & Associates hold 1-2-1 interviews with interested residents.


  • Residents’ questionnaire delivered by hand throughout the community.


  • Bath & Associates facilitate workshops with the Carrbridge Capercaillie Group to explore the results of the questionnaire.


  • Public Q&A event in the Carrbridge Hotel to share preliminary results of residents’ questionnaire.