Capercaillie carvings get the go-ahead in Carrbridge

To help celebrate the iconic capercaillie, raise awareness of the birds’ plight and extend the popular Carvings Trail around the village, a new capercaillie carving has been given the green light in Carrbridge. The community have voiced support, no specific objections have been made and the respective landowner, The Highland Council, are happy for plans to proceed.

The wooden carvings, which will be nestled in Ellan Woods in the heart of the village, will be created by Scottish carver and former Carve Carrbridge champion, Sam Bowsher and be ready for residents and visitors to enjoy this autumn.

The carvings are one of the many actions being delivered as part of the Carrbridge Capercaillie Conservation Strategy. You can read the latest Action Plan for the strategy here.

To find out more about the plans for the carvings, 7 residents engaged in a community drop-in event, hosted by the Carrbridge Capercaillie Group on 20 April in Carrbridge Village Hall. You can read the information shared at the drop-in event here.

5 residents attended the drop-in event in person and 2 got in touch via email. Overall, the response was positive for both the idea of the carving and plans for it to be sited in The Highland Council owned Ellan Woods. A notice on the Carrbridge News Facebook page updating residents about the plans also received 65 likes with 9 positive comments from residents and visitors.

The comments received from residents attending the drop-in and via email were as follows:

“Great idea – crack on!”

“Look forward to seeing them”

“Great addition and great way of spreading info”

“Great idea – spread the word”

“I for one would like to see any money earmarked for capercaillie conservation to be properly used for that purpose and not just for job creation, symbolic posturing and the egotistical pretence of having any meaningful impact towards saving the ever dwindling capercaillie population.”

“Will be great in the woods”

“My daughter loves looking at the current carvings around the village and this would make a welcome and educational addition.”

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