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Monitoring fences for capercaillie: A volunteer’s story

Hear from Colin, one of our Fence Monitoring Volunteers, about his experience so far.


Meet Operational Management Team member Neil Wilson

A member of the project’s Operational Management Team and co-founder of his local Trail Association, Neil talks mountain biking and capercaillie…

Capercaillie, Tetrao urogallus, female perched in pine tree near lek at sunrise, April

National survey results reveal UK capercaillie numbers are critically low

The latest national survey reveals a 51% decline in capercaillie numbers since 2016. Find out what’s being done to help.


National Capercaillie Survey: FAQs

Find out more about the latest national survey to determine the size of the UK capercaillie population.

Capercaillie, Tetrao urogallus, male displaying in misty pine forest, Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

Meet Project Board member Dr Adam Smith

Dr Adam Smith, formerly of the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT), talks about about why he got involved with the Cairngorms Capercaillie Project


Pioneering new ways to monitor capercaillie populations

Find out how we’re working with the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland to help monitor capercaillie populations more accurately

RS33005_220514_Cairngorms Ballater_G005-scr

New action for capercaillie in the Deeside Forest

Media release from the Cairngorms Capercaillie Project

2F2G42G Capercaille - Hen on Nest
Tetrao urogallus

Big Conversations: Disturbance

Join us for a fresh conversation about the issue of disturbance to capercaillie.

Capercaillie, Tetrao urogallus, male displaying in pine forest in spring

National Park research set to help visitors save threatened species

Joint media release from the Cairngorms Capercaillie Project, RSPB, Rothiemurchus, Forestry & Land Scotland and the Cairngorms Business Partnership